Tuesday, November 25, 2008

TA-DA Final Word Count 50079 or 50055

This is what it's all about folks. No fireworks, no awesome speeches, just the satisfaction of knowing that I had the perserverance to sweat out 50,000 words in less than thirty days- Actually 50,079 by my word counter and 50,055 by NaNoWriMo's word counter.

But it's over. It's done. Now back to regularly scheduled programing.
I'm going to take a couple of bloggy days off to eat turkey and let my carpel tunnel rest, then I'll be back on Monday posting. This novel goes in the drawer for a while, but the other one gets pulled out and finished. (I have now let my internal editor out of the drawer, and let me tell you, she is hopping mad. No amount of chocolate is going to calm her down. She wants to see that novel and she's not taking no for an answer.)

I'll be blogging about my progress finishing the edits, what my readers think of it and even my progress in writing my stinking synopsis. Finally, I hope to be shopping it to agents around February. When I don't have progress to report, I'll be posting writing opportunities, contests, and interesting writing tips and newsy items.

Conference time is right around the corner, so if you know of good ones, let me know and I'll get them posted.

Have a blessed holiday, and stop back by on Monday. If you're traveling, travel safe.


Tricia Grissom said...

You rock! Happy Turkey day, early bird.

Writer Chick said...

Thanks. Happy turkey day to you as well. Hope you have a great one!

irishoma said...

Way to go, Tricia!
And you finished ahead of the deadline--that's dedication.

Writer Chick said...

Thanks irishoma

It was tough. I had so much going on during the holiday, I needed to give myself some breathing room. Better than last year. I was still writing at 11:30 pm on the
30th. Talk about stressing out.