Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Word Count 7426

my messy desk 3 courtesy of sparkle glowplug

All I can say is thank goodness my desk doesn't look like that one.

Here's a shout to my friend Barb who didn't know I had a blog, even though I email her her a bazillion times a day, and the blog site is on my signature. Hi Barb!

Today was our weekly outing (me and Barb.) We usually spend Wednesdays together running errands, eating lunch and shopping. So needless to say I'm just now starting on my word count for the day. I'll be up until the wee hours of morning, but that's okay. I enjoy my Wednesdays with Barb and wouldn't trade them for a finished novel.

Barb and I keep each other sane by sharing rants about our husbands, kids, families and life in general. But the great thing is we're equal opportunity ranters. She might monopolize the rant this week, but I get my turn next week. And so it goes. Fortunately for you, I won't be sharing those rants, I'll save mine for Barb next week.

Back to the manuscript.

P.S. For those of you who read my story about the white pants and red flowered underwear--it was Barb who didn't tell me until I'd made a fool out of myself. Thanks Barb.


Babbles said...

This is my second attempt.....I hoped on your blog last Wednesday after learning you have a blog (I know, I know).  Am a little intimidated because I'm not a writer and I feel like I should be to be commenting on your blog.Anyway, love reading your thoughts, hopefully tomorrow we can make another "blog" memory.  See ya!

Tricia Sanders said...

You are so funny! Thanks for stopping by. Don't be intimidated because you aren't a writer. Who knows, you might be inspired. I know you have a lot of stories to tell.

Can't wait til tomorrow. Now where are we having lunch?