Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Word Count 22238 and Critique Groups

Dice courtesy of pure9

So I'm a bit behind on my word count. Bunko reared its ugly head last night and I stayed too late. I had every intention of getting my word count in early, but it just didn't happen. I figured I'd have plenty of time after. We usually don't party too late, but no we stayed later than usual. I only managed to get about 700 word of my 2000 goal. I still ahead of the NaNo goal, but remember I'm planning on a three-day hiatus around Thanksgiving, so I can enjoy the holiday with my family and not have to be shut up in my office while they're having a good time.

Enough of my whining. I'm skipping critique tomorrow night, so I can get caught up. So in honor of that here's a post on Redlines and Deadlines about critique groups. Enjoy!

What's your experience with critique groups? Do you believe in critiquing with peers or would you rather go it alone?

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