Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Word Count 36872

Writers Block by bornazombie
It took a while, but I caught up. Thanks to my online writing buddies for suggesting a couple of scenes. They worked. I love them.

Tomorrow, I'll be 75% of the way to my word count goal. My husband has been very patient, even cooking dinner a couple of nights. He's even resorted to bringing me a snack in the evening. Probably just making sure I'm really writing and not playing video games. Honest, I haven't played even one game of Mahjongg.
I think he's a little tired of me locking myself away in the office to write for hours on end. Plus, I really need to do laundry tomorrow. You can only turn your clothes inside out so much, you know.

The dog even growled at me today. See if he gets any treats the next time I go to the pantry.

Oh, this was Barbie day. On Wednesdays, my friend Barb and I run errands and have lunch. I told you this already. Anyway, we did a nice nutritious lunch today--Chili's Shrimp Caesar Salad, minus the caesar dressing and with light ranch on the side. Pretty yummy and not so bad for you.

We also had a little coupon frenzy at Macy's. I love to shop, but I hate to break in new salespeople. Here's a hint, Mr. Retailer--please give these people more than four hours of training before you turn them loose on a big sales day. I know it's not the salespersons fault, but cut loose with some dough and give them more training. I hate seeing a new person struggle with trying to credit a return or some weird problem that never cropped up in training.

And there's always one idiot customer (not me, of course) who wants something special. Like the gal in front of me who brought in a coffee maker that didn't work and couldn't decide if she wanted a replacement or not. Duh? Did you not think about this before you left for the store. It's a simple question with a simple answer, yes or no. It is not multiple choice. And who gives a rip if you left your coupon at home. Go home and get it. I brought mine. There are 75 people behind you in line and we haven't had lunch and we probably have to pee. And we are in the housewares department where there are a lot of sharp knives. Make up your mind.

Sorry, but that felt better. Just wish I could use it in my word count. Let the holiday season begin.


Tricia Grissom said...

Heh heh. Sharp knives.

Babbles said...

Great write up of your day, wish I'd been there! I was wondering what that woman in front of you was going on about!

Writer Chick said...

No, you were standing in the long line, which suddenly shorted after I begged you to switch lines. Never, even listen to me when shopping.

Writer Chick said...


Yes sharp knives and kitchen utensils. I could have used a potato masher on her or sieved her.