Thursday, November 20, 2008

Word Count 38793 and Seven Questions

courtesy of thorinside

Laundry is done. Word count is caught up. It took me all day, and I had to skip critique tonight. Sorry scribes. I'll be back in December. I promise.

I ran across a couple of interesting blogs about critiquing. One by my friend Donna who has a site called Donna's Book Pub where she lists her Top Seven Reasons for Joining a Critique Group. Not to be outdone, fellow blogger and Missourian Sean McLachlan lists his Top Seven Reasons for Not Joining a Critique Group on his blog Midlist Writer. If you have the time, go check out both their blogs. Great information and funny.

I can relate to what both bloggers say. My advice is try before you buy. Or check out the group and make sure it fits you and what you want to accomplish. And ask yourself several questions to make sure you are ready for a critique group.

1. Am I ready to hear the good, the bad and the ugly about my work?

2. Can I tell others the good, the bad and the ugly about their work?

3. What do I expect to get from a critique group?

4. What do I have to offer a critique group?

5. Am I willing to revise and learn from critique?

6. How much time am I willing to put into a critique group?

7. Can I differentiate between critiquing a story and critiquing a writer?

So there you have it. My Seven Questions to ask yourself before joining a critique group. You might even turn those questions around and ask them of potential critique groups.

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