Sunday, May 11, 2008

Wanna be a Guest Blogger?

No, not here. Poe War is looking for guest bloggers and they're offering money. Top prize is $250, and the opportunity to blog on a site that gets around 2000 hits a day. This is big.

Waddya got to lose? Hop on over to the submission guidelines and check it out. Then polish up some of your articles. He wants fresh ideas about the craft of writing. And the deadline is May 28th, so get moving.

P.S. If you get selected, come back here and let me know.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Can I whine a minute? Just a minute, then I'll be done. I hate editing my novel! Just when I think I'm almost done, I find a scene or two I need to add. Or dialog that needs work. Whine finished. Thanks!

Now about conferences. Just returned from one. What's up with people bringing their pets to a conference? I mean I love dogs, I really do. But I would never dream of taking a dog to a conference. It wasn't just at the hotel, but she brought it to the breakout sessions. I have to admit, the dog was very well-behaved. But I don't get it. Did the dog even learn anything? I would have been so worried that Rover would hike his leg or bite someone that I wouldn't have learned a thing.

Ever take your pet to a conference? Ever whined while editing?