Thursday, December 4, 2008

Short Fiction Contest and Gifts for Writers

photo courtesy of taberandrew

Boulevard Short Fiction Contest for Emerging Writers

A prize of $1,500 and publication in Boulevard is given annually for a short story by a writer who has not published a nationally distributed book. The editors of Boulevard will judge.
Submit a story of any length with a $15 entry fee, which includes a one-year subscription to Boulevard, by December 31.

Send an SASE, call, or visit the website for complete guidelines. Boulevard, Short Fiction Contest for Emerging Writers, P.O. Box 325, 6614 Clayton Road, Richmond Heights, MO 63117. (314) 862-2643. Richard Burgin, Editor.

Gifts for the writer in your life (or you or me.)

-Fuzzy Slippers (to keep footsies toasty under the desk)
-Office Supplies (paperclips, index cards, sticky notes and flags, red ink pens, computer paper)
-Ink Cartridges for Printer (I'd heart you forever)
-Flash Drives (my fav is the SanDisk)
-Digital Recorder (I love mine. It comes in handy when I'm driving and get a brainstorm.)
-Gift Certificates for book stores (we need to keep the book business alive)
-Books on the craft of writing
-Music CD's (who doesn't have a favorite song or artist who inspires them.)
-Registration for a conference they want to attend
-Chocolate (it keeps the internal editor happy)
-Diet Coke (it counteracts the calories from the chocolate)
-Subscription to Writer's Digest (gotta keep those magazines in business)
-Thesaurus (I know I can use WORD, but sometimes you just want to look it up in a book)
-Stapler (it's an office supply, but you gotta try the Paper Pro One Finger Stapler-love it!)
-3-Hole Punch (or if you really heart the person buy the already punched paper)
-Wireless Keyboard (then they can pace around the room)
-Office Chair ( Don't get that balancing ball thing, unless you buy them extra insurance.)
-Portfolio (to keep all the clippings of published articles handy and presentable)
-Postage Stamps (for all those submissions)

Tomorrow, I'll share my favorite writing books.


Tricia Grissom said...

Oh! Oh! I want the portfolio thingie. Great list. I hope you get what you want for Christmas.

Writer Chick said...

Michael's - Art Section - 40% off Coupon

Can't beat it.