Saturday, February 28, 2009

Writing Retreat -- St. Louis

Learn Character-Driven Plotting In 2 Days!!

Our 2008 classes were filled with writers not-yet-published and multi-published authors.
This program is great for Plotters and Pantsers – what?!
It’s true. Plotters learn how to organize their story so that conflict doesn’t break down and pacing stays strong. Pantsers leave with a way to flush out weak spots in a story – PLOT HOLES – and fix the problems. Getting published just got harder with budget tightening…but publishers are always looking for good books.
More so than ever before – your story has to be the very best.

Instructors for Break Into Fiction® Power Plotting Retreat:
Award-winning author Mary Buckham
& NYT best selling author Dianna Love.

Retreat has limited seating to assure time to work with every attendee on their story throughout the 2 days. And…attendees receive 5 bonus templates.

"...I used to think I was good at plotting – but this past (retreat) weekend made me realize I’ve been guilty of a more complicated version of the ‘one damned thing after another’ plot. I’m stunned at how well an entire story arc came together in just two days.” Marcella Burnard

“Break into Fiction is solidly grounded in storytelling fundamentals but then goes much farther into the practical detail that determines whether your book will bring a check or a rejection slip.” ~~ Jon Franklin, author of Writing for Story and a Pulitzer Prize winner

Break Into Fiction® 2008 Attendees…

4 attendees from 2008 have sold
2 more have books with editors who have “recommended a buy”
15 have had agent requests, 10 finally finished their books
Many have finaled and won contests that put them in front of editors & agents
Published author feedback shows they are thrilled with their new level of production and writing quality

What about you?


St. LOUIS – April 4-5th

P.S. Also be sure and visit the website to enter a Contest for great writing-related prizes.

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