Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Writer's Groups and Community

photo courtesy of iirraa

I'm always evaluating and re-evaluating the writer's groups I belong to. Am I contributing enough? Am I growing as a writer as a result of belonging to the group? Do I belong more for socializing than for the benefit of my writing? Do I leave the meeting or event fired up and ready to write?

I ran across this essay written by Jerry Waxler, the Workshop Chair for Greater Lehigh Valley Writers Group. I love that Jerry talks about writing groups promoting regional culture and teaching writing classes at senior centers. How many times have I thought about what I wouldn't give to have had my grandmother write down our family history. It's too late for me. What an awesome class to present at a senior center. I'm not going to rehash his essay, so just go read it. And while your at it, check out his blog Memory Writers Network.

I hadn't given much thought to the impact my groups have on my community. But, I'd like to think we are giving something back. Though, I have to admit I'll be adding this question to my evaluation. What does my group bring to the community?

Jerry has provided some great ideas for ways writing groups can enhance a community. I know it has me thinking.

What does your group do for your community?

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