Thursday, February 19, 2009

Cliches and Me

I have a hard time with cliches (and also the html coding for the wierd little thing over the e.) So bear with me. I'm talking those crazy little phrases that drive us up the wall (notice the cliche.) But if I say, "cute as a button," for example. Ya'll know exactly what I mean. Or if, it was a dark and stormy night, there is no getting around the fact (getting around the fact is probably a cliche, too) that there was rain coming down, and the sun was not to be found. What about, let the cat out of the bag. We all know someone couldn't keep a secret.

Rather than ban cliches, I say embrace them. Then we don't have to think so hard to figure out what's being said. Do I hear a yes? Anyone?

I know, I know. Agents make little notches in their knickers every time they see a cliche, so I'm redlining them (the cliches, not the agents.) Agents are our friends.

When I go back and edit, I always find those stinking little words. They are way too easy to slip in subconsciously. I even made a lit of the worst offenders. But it's like cussing, if you get the habit, it's hard to break. Maybe I need to put a quarter box on my desk and tos sin a quarter for every cliche I find.

I am contastly looking for new ways to express myself in my writing. I Now I'm just hoping that no one latches onto my new phrases and makes cliches out of them.

Check out this link that lists cliches. It's from Laura Hayden's "Left-Brain- Right Brain/Creativity Program". As a added bonus, there's a listing of euphemisms for the word "Stupid." And I found one I've never heard of... His yeast went bad. Is that a knee-slapper or what? Oops, I think that should be added to the cliche list.

Hope you enjoy the link.


Babbles said...

Are you kidding? Bite your tongue, do without cliche's? That's like all foam, no beer! You've just put me between a rock and a hard place and that gets my goat!

K9friend said...

Cliches are such a part of language that they seem to leap into brain and onto paper as easily as a splash of red wine. I like the idea of making them our friends!