Monday, October 6, 2008

Too Many Irons in the Fire

The to-do list courtesy of Brian Indrelunas

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. My to-do list is beginning to look like my college thesis. I'm considering having it bound for posterity.

Seriously, I can't scratch an item off the list without adding two more things two it. How's a girl supposed to get anything finished? And bad as that is I only managed to work on the novel a little last week. So I'm back at it this week and gearing up to make the final edits. Keep me on my toes people!

What's your best tip for staying caught up?

P.S. I promise to get back to posting regularly. That's on the top of my to-do-list. Honest. I've also placed stop worrying about my 401K at the top of the list. It's only paper, right? At least that's what my husband keeps saying.

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