Wednesday, August 6, 2008

What's in your desk?

If a twelve-step program existed for office supply addicts, I would be the charter member. I can't walk into an office supply store without drooling over paperclips, sticky notes, staplers and all the paraphernalia associated with being a writer.

Yesterday I bought rubber bands. I haven't used a rubber band in two years, but these were multi-colored and on sale--cheap. And you never know when you might need one.

When the Sunday paper comes, I can't wait to pull out the ads and dream about what new product might be featured at my local office supply store. The heck with grocery ads and departments store coupons, give me a great deal on pens or pencils, and I'm in heaven.

My top desk drawer contains:
2 flash drives
a spindle of CD's
a spindle of DVD's
paperclips in 3 sizes ( and various colors)
too many pens to count
my new rubber bands
5 push pins (I don't even own a bulletin board)
3 lens cloths (are these office supplies? I clean my monitor with them, so I think they count.)
5 highlighters
3 pages of sticky notes
and a bread tie (don't ask)

One time when I was still working, I found a petrified orange in my desk. No, it wasn't scared. But it was hard as a rock. Who knew that oranges could petrify? I figured they just rotted. But it's a good thing for me it didn't.

What's the wierdest thing you've ever found in your desk drawer?

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