Monday, September 1, 2008

Query Shark

I love it. Janet Reid at FinePrint Literary Management is critiquing query letters at Query Shark. Now if I could just find the Jaws music. How fun is that? Probably not, if you've sent in a crappy query letter, but the opportunity to get some advance feedback before you send it on. Priceless.

Janet doesn't promise to critique all submissions, but what do you have to lose. And she only does fiction, so don't send the other ones in or she'll probably chum the water with you. Check out Query Shark for recent query letters she has critiqued and for instructions on how to submit yours. (Remember, play by her rules.)

And Janet, thanks for all you do for us.


Tricia Grissom said...

I love your shark! And the website is pretty fun too. Though I'm afraid to go in the water.

Tricia Sanders said...

Thanks, I'm quite fond of him. If I ever get this dang novel done, I'm going to submit a query (if she's still doing it by then.)