Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Writer U.--Online Writing Workshop

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April 3-30, 2009

"In & Out: Writing Believable Conflict"

by Sherry Lewis

This workshop focuses on the art and craft of creating realistic, believable conflict for your character, both internal and external, and on weaving those conflict together in ways that are fresh, exciting, and powerful enough to catch an editor's eye.

Topics include:

* Understanding how a character's core beliefs crate conflict

* How internal and external conflicts work together

* When to hang on to / let go of a character's past

* Keeping conflicts realistic

* Creating layers of conflict

* Why urgency matters in conflict

* Applying conflict to each scene you write

* Avoiding anticipated conflict

Sherry Lewis is a career writer with more than 30 published mystery, contemporary romance, and time travel romance novels to her credit. She loves sharing what she has learned since selling her first book fifteen years ago, and has given workshops all over the country. Sherry has also taught online workshops for several years.

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