Friday, January 2, 2009

Science Fiction Writers Workshop and My Word for the Year

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My Word for the Year...

Ran across this on another blog (thanks Country Girl) that I frequent often (mostly when I'm wasting time researching.) Anyway, she made me think about if I could only choose one word for how I wanted to live my life in 2009, what would it be?

So I thunk and I thunk and came up with world peace. Okay, that's two words, and it's not something I have much control over. Though, I'm pretty sure if my grandma were still alive, she could lick it pretty quick. When my brother and I were young and stayed with her, her answer to our feuding was to sit us on the front porch with a big grocery sack full of peas to shell. Nothing takes the fire out of an argument like sitting on the front porch shelling peas. Course it doesn't hurt that we still made faces at one another sticking out tongues and crossing our eyes and such.

If Grandma could have set old Bush and a few world leaders down on the front porch and made them sit there (she woulda needed a tractor trailer load of peas), I do believe she could have solved the world peace problem. And we'd a had a big, old mess of peas to take care of world hunger, too.

Oh, I've digressed. So what's new. My word is REDUCE. I think it's a great word and fits so many aspects of my life. REDUCE the amount of waste I make. Think recycle. REDUCE the amount of wordly goods that I covet. Think clean up my office and get rid of the stuff I've been meaning to read for a decade, but just keep piling up. REDUCE the amount of money I spend on frivolous things. Think less shopping. REDUCE my figure. Think get back on my healthy living plan. REDUCE my carbon footprint. Think a more green environment for me and my family.

Yes, REDUCE is my word for the year. What's yours?

Now for a Workshop...

Ran across this the other day and had to sigh. Oh how I wish I could find a workshop that specializes in what I write... Cozy mysteries. I'm don't mean a conference, but if you happen to know of one, let me know. But I'm looking for an intensive workshop in novel writing for cozies or even mysteries.

But for those of you looking for an intensive writing workshop check out Science Fiction and Fanstasy Novel Writers Workshop. For 2009, the Writer's Workshop will meet from June 28 through July 10. The Campbell Conference follows it up from July 9 - 12.

In the meantime, think about the word you want to live by for 2009 and post it here.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope you have a great 2009!


irishoma said...

Hi Tricia,
My word for the year is "simplify."

Writer Chick said...

Donna, I love that word. Boy, is it something I need to do.

Tricia Grissom said...

I'm thinking "rebirth" for this year. I'm getting a new life.

Writer Chick said...

Another great word. We'll be there as you take your baby steps. Woohoo!