Wednesday, July 23, 2008


I'm finding excuses for not writing today. Ummm, the weather is nice and my garden needs weeding. Or the bathtub needs scrubbing (Huh, I need to find an excuse not to clean the bathtub, so maybe I'll write.) Actually, I'm blaming my lack of writing today on C. Hope Clark. Do you hear me Ms. Clark. It's all your fault. My first Total Funds for Writers Newsletter appeared in my email today, so I've been reading it back and forth and forth and back.

She's offering a 1/2 price special for July, so I signed up. I know, I know Funds for Writers is free, so why would I PAY for Total Funds for Writers... because there is a lot more in it, and they are all paying markets, and it's well worth it. Check it out Total Funds for Writers. And hop to it because her 1/2 price special is only good until the end of July.

I have to tell you, I am hooked! I've found several markets that interest me, and it is easier than trolling the Internet looking for markets. Maybe instead of editing the novel, I'll try my hand at a few articles or essays. Nope that won't work. I have a goal to get that dang novel finished. I have readers waiting. But I'll set aside a little time each week to work on a few marketable pieces.

What is your favorite reason not to write? What do you do to motivate yourself? (My favorite motivator is chocolate. I'll write for chocolate.)


Hope Clark said...

I laughed out loud reading this blog. I heard you loud and clear. That was the intention of creating TOTAL FFW - to provide you with markets so you can submit and not hunt so hard for work. A lot of people drag their feet to subscribe for a paid online subscription, but most realize that it's well worth the token investment. So glad you like it! The next one comes out this weekend, so be prepared.

Hope Clark

Tricia Sanders said...

Hi Hope,

Thanks for stopping by to laugh at me. But I'll take it, just keep those markets coming.

Okay, now I better step on it and get my pages written before the next newsletter. I see some candle burning happening. And chocolate, lots of chocolate.