Thursday, July 24, 2008

Defining a Cozy Mystery

I'm fighting it, but I'm about to give in. The couple of times I've pitched my novel, the agents have said, " Oh, a cozy. Tell me more." My throat constricts and my heads starts to throb. It's not a cozy, I want to yell. It's a blah, blah blah with a hint of romance. I'm not sure what the blah, blah blah is, plain old mystery, maybe. But instead I pitch the novel. And yes, when you boil it down, it is a cozy.

But when I think cozy, I think 90 year old granny with knitting needles living in a cottage in the English countryside. My protagonist might be having hot flashes, but she doesn't knit, she isn't a granny (yet) and she lives in a mansion--okay a really big house. The more I fight it, the more I know in my heart that it's a cozy. She is an amateur, she lives in a smallish town and she solves a crime. But hey, she doesn't own a cat. And today I stumbled onto a site with the definition of a cozy. Uncle (said with my arm twisted bethind my back.) I give in.

The Cozy Mystery List site is awesome. I hope, someday, my cozy series is proudly displayed on this site. But I love the fact that this site shows all my favorite cozy authors and the order in which their books were published. Plus, I found a whole lot more to choose from.

Check it out.

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Carol N Wong said...

Actually by cozy, they mean it doesn't have explicit sex or violence and there is a mystery.

I do knit, I am not a grandmother, will never be but I have never seen any books with a 90 year old protagonist. I have been searching for cozies that have women who are 40 or more. There are lots of cozies with the case solver in their twenties. So don't let that label rub you wrong.