Monday, April 21, 2008

Grammar Got You Down

My new favorite website is Grammar Girl. Grammar gives me a headache. Personally, it has been too many years since I conjugated a verb or did sentence diagrams. And I wasn't very good. I had more important things on my mind--like painting my fingernails, listening to the Beach Boys and talking on the phone to my best friend for hours on end. Thanks goodness for someone who (or is it whom--just kidding) will take time to refresh my rusty memory about all that is grammatically correct.

Are you confused about when to use lay and when to use lie or sat and set? My personal favorite is who vs. whom. I almost always screw it up. How about that and who and which? Grammar Girl will set (not sat) you on the straight and narrow.

While you're over there check out her pals Legal Lad, Mighty Mommy,Money Girl and several others. Hats off to all you who help all of us.

How about you? What's your most favorite website? (I know that sentence wasn't gramatically correct, but I like it that way, so tough cookies.)

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