Sunday, February 14, 2010

Book Signing

Photo by Carrie Schechter Studios

Laura Bradford will be at Main Street Books in St. Charles, Missouri on Saturday, March 6th signing her books SEW DEADLY (Elizabeth Lynn Casey) and KAYLA'S DADDY (Laura Bradford). The event time is 1:00 p.m. until 3:00 p.m.

Laura spoke at Saturday Writers a few years back and did a great job talking about book promotion. I was impressed with Laura's 'go-get-em' attitude, and it looks like it's really paying off for her.

If you haven't read one of Laura's books, it's your loss, but it's not too late. Please show your support for this fantastic author and stop by Main Street Books for one or both of her books.


Ashley said...

Can't make it to the signing ... as much as a field trip is always a treat, but will look for her books!

K9friend said...

Thanks for the heads up, Tricia. I'll try and make it.

Writer Chick said...


Glad you made it back. More snow??? Anyway check out Laura. I think you'll like her books.

Pat, Hope to see you there.

irishoma said...

Hi Tricia,
Laura is such a good and generous writer. I remember when she visited Saturday Writers a couple years ago. I still have the handouts she gave us. Depending on what the kids have going on, I'll try to make the signing.
Donna V.

Writer Chick said...

Donna, Hope you can make it. I agree with what you said. I still have the handouts too. Only wish I had a book in print that I could promote :)